March: Month Dedicated to Saint Joseph

This March is jam-packed with soul candy (did I really say that?).....great feasts, Holy Week, the Easter Triduum and Easter Week!  By April 1st, which is Easter Friday, a First Friday and the feast of Saint Hugh of Grenoble, may we have grown closer to Our Blessed Lord.

Holy Church dedicates the month of March to our dear Saint Joseph, so good and powerful (see Home Page for prayer).  His feast is March 19th.  May we remember Saint Joseph in our daily prayers this month.  A very interesting thing is the feast of Saint Dismas, the Good Thief, falls on Good Friday this year.  That same day, March 25th, is typically the feast of the Annunciation.  However, this feast has this year, been moved to April 4th.  Keep in mind, traditionally, on all days of Lent, except Sundays, meat is only eaten at one meal.  Here is an overview of the month, including some particular feasts:

3/6-Laetare Sunday

3/7-Saint Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor

3/13-Passion Sunday (change your clocks!)

3/15-Saint Longinus, Centurion

3/17-Saint Patrick, Patron of Ireland/Saint Joseph of Arimathea

3/18-Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary (trad Friday after Passion Sunday)

3/19-Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church

3/20-Palm Sunday/Saint Photina, Woman at the Well

3/22-Saint Isidore the Farmer, Patron of Farmers (Nomen Christi likes him-we want to see a garden in every parish!)

3/23-Spy Wednesday/Our Lady of Victories

3/24-Holy Thursday/Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Patron of Telecommunications & Diplomats

3/25- +++ Good Friday +++ (fast & abstain)/Saint Dismas, Patron of Criminals

3/26- +++ Holy Saturday +++ (trad no meat)

3/27- +++ Easter Sunday, The Solemnity of Solemnities +++