Happy Leap Day!

If I ever become a saint, through God's great mercy....just my luck, my feast will probably be on Leap Day.  (budumpum!)

It's like....not a real day, right?  Does that mean we can do whatever we want and it doesn't count?  Like....can I eat ice cream all day and not gain weight?  Can I take the train to the city and spend the day at some posh spa?  When my husband sees $2,000 on the credit card statement, all I have to do is say....it was Leap Day, dude....NOT A REAL DAY....DOESN'T COUNT....NEVER HAPPENED!

Or...maybe Leap Day is a portal to an alternate universe?  Someone should do a movie about that.  Any screenwriters reading....I'll let you take that idea and you don't even have to give me credit! 

Okay, I'm quite finished with my dumb Leap Day jokes.  This is why I did not become a comedienne.  Blessings on this Leap Day....and this week is the half-way point of Lent....our celebrant at Mass yesterday reminded us to take this week to recollect ourselves and ask ourselves (as per the trad Gospel), "Am I divided within myself?"  A good Lenten examination.