sacred heart

June is the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

I said in my previous post that you would hear from me again when I could catch my breath.  Actually, I haven't caught my breath yet.  My son came home from college for the summer and its been hectic.  I'm also planning a few trips and just juggling a lot right now.  So I thank you for your patience.  There is nothing I like better than writing blog posts, because I love to hear myself talk, but sometimes the duties of the Long Island housewife must take precedence.  I'm pretty swamped for the next 2 weeks, then I do expect I'll be able to catch my breath again.

I always post the interesting (according to me) feasts of the month on the first day of the month.  I don't have time right now to do this, though I'll get to it within the next few days.  It is the month of the Sacred Heart...please take note that this Friday, June 3rd, is the feast of the Sacred Heart, a solemnity (Friday penance is not required), in both the new and old calendars.  Let us give the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, burning with love for the whole world, special honor this Friday and during the coming month in as many ways as we can....use your creativity (or, as I like to say to my son, "Use the brain God gave you!")....:)  I also always post a special prayer related to the theme of the month on the Home page, usually from a novena...please have a look!  Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us!