Solar Eclipse Today: A Warning for America?

The solar eclipse across the United States today is being called, "The Great American Eclipse."  From the Northwest to the Southeast, it will cut a strike right through the heart of the Home of the Brave.  If we were looking for some kind of sign, we might look for something....just like this? 

We know that God uses celestial events to give signs.  The Star of Bethlehem is the best-known such event, but Holy Scripture speaks of others, particularly at the End of Time.  And we know that the Fatima apparitions culminated in a celestial phenomenon-some say this was merely a depiction of a future event.  As we celebrate the centennial of these extraordinary visions, the most powerful nation in the world is darkened through its very heart....perhaps an illustration of what has happened to many hearts these days.  Just look around you.  Need I elaborate?

On this date in 1879, the complex and unusual apparition of Our Lady of Knock appeared in Ireland.  What was the significance of this event and does it still have relevance today?  Could it be related to our solar eclipse today?  More on this in my next post.....

Pray for an end to the darkness of hearts!  Pray for mercy!