Recap of Fatima Holy Hour

Hi Friends!  Three down, three to go!  Our Holy Hour was a little bit of a bust this time because due to issues, it didn't get up on time and then I had a big problem with getting the printable version up.  I know having that printable can make it a lot easier for people with large families or groups.  The printable this time took up 4 pages-2 people can easily share, so this can cut down on the amount of paper you use.  Also, you can hang on to these sheets and do the whole thing again every year!  I think I will do this every year from now on because I am really enjoying it and I think its important not to forget Fatima!  Contrary to what some say, I believe it still has great relevance. 

I do hope we get more participation next time!  Put it on your calendar or sign up for email reminders. and your family will be privy to our ongoing prayers for all our readers.  See....WIN WIN!