3 Reasons to Vote Pro-Life.....

1)  The baby is made in the Image and Likeness of Almighty God from the moment of conception.  We are all like little pieces of God....precious and sacred and awesome.

2)  Abortion prevents someone from embarking on his or her unique life journey.....a path that can never be walked by anyone else.  Lives will never be touched, moments will never be experienced....no one will ever hear that voice or look into those eyes.  This person has been deprived of living the life and having the destiny that once was lying ahead with great promise....forever unfulfilled.

3)  The baby the mother feels burdened by at this moment, will one day love her back.  Perhaps, just as she lovingly chooses life and brings this baby into the world, this child will one day enfold her as she passes to the next.



These are just a few more arguments to add to your pro-life arsenal. 

I became involved with the pro-life movement back in the 80's, before the internet.  It was a great frustration trying to provide people with proof of fetal development that they would accept.  Now there is info and pictures of actual miscarried babies all over the internet, such as the one above. We also have much better imaging now of the baby in the womb.  There is no reason for any woman to be ignorant of the reality of the baby in her womb any longer! 

BUT....due to all the early chemical abortions and abortifacients, we must also argue that the baby is sacred from the moment of conception-the stage of development makes no difference.

Feel free to email this to your friends....only a few days before the election!

Image courtesy www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2542212/Mother-shares-heartbreaking-photos-baby-miscarried-19-weeks.html