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The above sentiment was in a package of eggs I bought, "Nellie's Free Range Eggs."  I thought it was great, so I cut it out and stuck in on my fridge...and today I decided to share it with you!  BTW, you can always use any image or text from this website, as long as you indicate where you got it.  Nomen Christi Apostolate is concerned with emergency preparedness, sustainability and the search for the "Authentic Life."  Chickens do all three!  Think about getting chickens.  I don't have them right now, though my family had them when I was growing up and I became quite adept at catching them when they got loose.  It's wonderful to have beautiful fresh brown eggs whenever you want.  I envision a time when I will have a larger piece of property and some help....for now, I do what I can-that's all any of us can do-start somewhere and make a move toward greater preparedness and a deeper connection with nature!

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We are the sum of all our days.

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If you are not present to the moment, you miss it.

And that's just sad.

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Don't forget....our next Fatima Holy Hour is next Tuesday!  Don't miss it!  Spread the word!  (much thanks)

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...why not share it with your friends?  One of the easiest ways to do this is simply to send the link to those on your email list (Eezy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!).  You can also spread the word if you are active on the internet, through whatever media you utilize.  The more people we get, the more people will be asking themselves the questions I am posing here:  "What is the Authentic Life?  How did God intend for us to live?  How can I think outside the box and change my life for the better?  How can I help move society to something more resembling Christendom?"

This blog is relatively new and I have yet to flesh it out.  I will be addressing these issues in the coming days.  I am reluctant to provide a comment forum because it is a responsibility that I don't feel I can fulfill adequately right now.  Also, I didn't have the best experience with comments on my former blog.  It seemed half the time, people just wanted to be annoying.  As I have said before, if you really wish to comment or discuss anything with me, please FEEL FREE to email me:  If appropriate and useful, I will happily post your comment.  However, you may not get an immediate response (just saying).

Thanks so much for spreading the word and I do keep all my readers and their families in my prayers.  You are all very dear to me.  CFM:)

Welcome to "In Search of The Authentic Life!"

Hi, I'm Chiara F. Mathews and I'm so glad you have found my new blog! I really hope you enjoy it and get something valuable out of it. This blog will explore (in an organic way, by creating an environment of ideas) the question, "How did God intend for His children to live?" Obviously, we as faithful Roman Catholics (BTW, I am faithful to our Holy Father Francis) must pursue holiness in accord with Catholic teaching. These topics will be dealt with, but we are also concerned here with how God intended us to live in practical everyday life and social structure. It should be obvious that western culture is desperately in need of a reality check. We are not living anything remotely like an "authentic" life. And this will surely have consequences.

In my study of disaster preparedness and sustainability (2 aspects of survival), I have begun to see a picture emerging....a thesis that the safest way to live, the surest way to survive, also happens to be the way our Creator intended us to live....close to the earth, with respect for it. This is not a new idea, I only seek to bring my own contribution to the table.

Due to limitations that I have right now, we are going to start this blog off slowly. I hope to post about once per week. Unfortunately, I do not have the time right now to moderate comments, so there will be no comments. However, please email me if you like, with any comments or feedback and I may decide to post them. My email:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will continue to take this exciting journey with me.:)

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