Feast of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist (new calendar)

I will try not to allow 4 months to go by again without posting! What have I been doing the past 4 months? Meditating on radical detachment from the world. On this feast of St. John the Baptist, one who exemplified this detachment, these words come to me….much of this is based on my recent research into the nature of this insane realm we find ourselves in….

I seek not the song of men but the music of nature

I seek not the spectacles of men but the glories of creation

I seek not the great musings of men but the simplicity of His Law

I seek not to travel the seas but to return each day to His Presence

I seek not the stages of the world but the Throne of Divine Majesty

I seek not the bread of men but the Bread of Life

I seek not the broken hallelujah but the Holy Hosanna

I seek not the darkness but live for the Light

I seek not tears but laughter

I seek not fortune but the Pearl of Great Price

I seek not the hopeless screens but the Perennial Sacrifice of the Mass

I seek not the bewitching fantasies of men and demons but the Eternal Truth

I seek not the adoration of men but to adore the Most High

I seek not the endless ruminations of a lost realm but the Ineffable Splendor of the Beatific Vision

(This probably needs more work. Also, you might have noticed a little Leonard Cohen thrown into 2 lines, God rest his soul.)