Things have been crazy lately!  Just a lot going on in my life.  Thanks to all for your patience. 

I am always concerned about privacy and personal security.  I don't go in for all this live your life online stuff that people do.  The only social network I belong to is Instagram....I haven't told you about that yet, have I?  Actually that's another story for another day....even Instagram, I do not put personal pictures on.  Should I get to the point?  I've been writing occasionally about my son being in college but I've been very mysterious about the school.  Well, I can finally tell you, because he just graduated last week!  From the University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering (did you wonder how I knew about the Tridentine Mass there?).  He also received an award for leadership, the "Order of the Laurel and the Palm," reserved for only 10 graduating students.  I am such a proud Mommy!:):) 

I have so much I want to write about in the coming days....my trip to California, my Instagram adventures, the Cornell Master Gardener program I am currently attending...and so much more!  As you know, I have not been writing much, which is a torment for me because I have so many thoughts I want to get out!  Its time to resume my writing with more regularity. 

Anyway, my son is home now for a short time and I really want to enjoy his company.  I may not see him again till Christmas-oh yeah, he's staying there.  In California.  Really.  If you don't know, I live on Long Island.  So bear with me right now and please continue to keep my family in your prayers-several family members are seriously ill right now.  Thank you and please stay tuned!  CM:)