Waiting for the Miracle?

Leonard Cohen, may he rest in peace, has a song called "Waiting for the Miracle."  The protagonist asserts that there is "nothing left to do" when things have reached an all-time low.  The only option for him is to "go on waiting for the miracle to come."  I don't envy this person.  He does not know....the miracle has come.  And it is all around him.

Christ did not come and go.  He came and stayed.  The Most Blessed Sacrament lies in every tabernacle.  This is the Miracle.  And the only Miracle that matters.

So next time you feel completely lost, completely emptied, completely bereft.  Remember despair has no place in the Catholic soul.  It may feel like your last shred of sanity...appeal to this Miracle which you have received in Holy Communion.  And He will do the rest.