Hi my friends!  I am joyful today because my baby is coming home from college!  He has just finished his sophomore year.  For security, I would rather not say where he attends, but its a good school in a beautiful place.  Please pray for his safe flight home. 

I've been a little bit sick and scrambling to spiff up the house for my son's return, so I'm running behind on stuff.  If you have been following me for the past 7 years, you know I often disappoint my peeps.....I'M A FLAKE, OKAY???  But I'm a nice flake.  (At least I try to be.)  I'll get to the Ascension Meditation....eventually.  Things are always a whirlwind when my son gets home, so you'll hear from me again when I can catch my breath, okay?  Please say "okay!" 

Wishing you Pentecost blessings and you are all in my prayers....CFM