Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Friday after Passion Sunday, or before Good Friday, we traditionally honor the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The main feast is September 15th.  This is a beautiful devotion and so appropriate during Lent, and to prepare for Holy Week.  Let us give Our Lady some measure of consolation this day and let her know that her great sorrows have not been forgotten.  These are the Seven Sorrows:

1)  The Prophecy of Simeon    2)  The Flight into Egypt    3)  The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days    4)  The Way of Sorrows to Calvary    5)  The Crucifixion of Our Lord    6)  The Descent from the Holy Cross    7)  The Burial of Our Lord

There is a "Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows," which is a wonderful devotion, with indulgences associated with it.  There are many places to obtain a chaplet.  Here is one source:  The Catholic Company

Let us teach these great traditions to our children to carry on the Holy Roman Catholic Faith and give them something to love and cherish about their Faith.