Month of the Passion of Our Lord

February is the month of the Passion of Our Lord (see prayer on Home Page). Here are some feasts and notes you may wish to keep in mind this month. Wishing all a Lent which brings you closer to Jesus!

2/2-Presentation of Our Lord/Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary/Candlemas

2/3-Saint Blaise/Blessing of Throats

2/7-Quinquagesima Sunday

2/9-Shrove Tuesday

2/10-Ash Wednesday-Fast & Abstinence (Fridays in Lent-abstinence, trad-all other days except Sunday are days of partial abstinence-meat at one meal)

2/11-Our Lady of Lourdes

2/14-Saint Valentine, Priest & Martyr

2/17-Ember Wednesday in Lent

2/19-Ember Friday in Lent

2/20-Ember Saturday in Lent/Blesseds Francisco & Jacinta Marto (Nomen Christi Apostolate is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima)

2/22-The Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch

2/29-Leap Day! (What will you do with this extra day?)

(this blog provides both old & new feasts)