Thought for the Day: How we navigate in darkness....

Did you ever witness something and 10 minutes later your friend relates it to someone else and you think to yourself, "That's not exactly what happened"???

Many years ago, I attended a pro-life event in NYC, where a number of pro-aborts were arrested for disorderly conduct.  The front page of the newspaper the following day said it was the pro-lifers who were arrested.  Anyone reading this blog probably already knows how "accurate" the mainstream media tends to be.

So I much of what we hear about the present is false?  Should I take a stab at it?  25%???  I have no idea.  Now let's apply that to the past....even less percentage of truth.  We must assume history is largely fiction.  Orson Welles said the same thing once in an interview, after relating how a journalist quoted him inaccurately.  Now let's think about speculations on the future-completely off the wall!  I recently watched a film about the first "human cloning" experiment, in which someone said they believe cloning will ultimately eliminate all birth defects.  I also watched a film featuring a billionaire from Russia who wants to become a hologram....and is actually working on it.  We hear a lot about the coming "sentience" of computers as well....which some dramatically call "The Singularity."  I contend the future will be nothing at all like the above.  That's because I walk by Faith.  There's got to be some point when God steps in and says, "Okay, My patience ends HERE!"  I am actually amazed that He hasn't stepped in yet.

How much of our own perception of reality is nothing more than a reflection of other people's lies and fantasies?  I wonder.